So, why?


The past few years have helped me identify certain themes that have consistently come up in my writing. I have since grown comfortable “showing my cards”, so to speak, and I am now ready to engage in a more public discourse on matters that are meaningful to me.

Consider this an open invitation to join me in my musing. A frightening prospect, no less, but one in which I believe the reward outweighs the consequence–that is, the hope for honest, genuine conversation. 

Miguel Muses has, for a long while now, been a space to work out all my messy questions and make a little sense of my own story. It has been therapeutic, to say the least, to embrace a platform in which I’ve shared things I’ve felt ashamed of, guilty about, or even embarrassed by.

Of course, it has not merely been a sounding board for the hard, ugly things, but equally, a repository for some really wonderful memories over the years – the sort of things that, when I commit to remembering and writing them down, I learn to be grateful for.

My wife and I are in the midst of a new chapter in our story together, as we have recently welcomed a baby girl–Lilia Amel–into our little family, and are now preparing to move to Los Angeles. I can only hope all this transition and upheaval will bring out more keen observation and insights on the life rapidly changing before me.

Or, if nothing else, some more questions to ponder and answer, much, much later.


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